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entroCIM is where building intelligence convenes, and actionable insights illuminate. Our Central Intelligence Manager (CIM) acts as the brain of your environment, collecting data from every monitoring system within your facility—and instantly making sense of it. As your building comes alive with actionable data, it starts to thrive. And so do the people inside.

Start thriving with entroCIM.

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One Login. One Solution. Unlimited Control.

Connect all building IoT devices and hardware (including third-party services) into one easy-to-use, secure Central Intelligence Manager.

Instantly access real-time energy usage, schedule maintenance, share reports, and control building operations with entroCIM.

  • Connect into any building system. entroCIM has the capability to be deployed across all three operating systems, securely installed at the edge, on premise, or in a public or private cloud

  • Out of the box connectivity with 50 available APIs and industry standard protocols like BACnet/IP, Modbus/TCP, SNMP and MQTT

  • Ready-to-use dashboards, with visualizations and predictive insights

  • Proven scalability with Fortune100 enterprise deployments

  • Custom, color-coded graphics and animations for a visual representation of live point data

  • entroCIM is a browser based HTML5 application


One Database. Limitless Use Cases.

  • Full suite of DCIM tools expand the power of the platform with specific rulesets

  • entroCIM allows users to enable out of the box use cases, 250+ rules and KPIs

  • The entroCIM database reduces labor requirements for enabling project use cases

  • Data normalization utilizing open source tag based methodology

  • A single point of integration drastically reduces deployment complexity

  • Database tagging automatically updates several applications at once, including out-of-the-box visualizations, FDD, KPIs and analytics

  • The project database QA app identifies tagging and deployment errors and resolution recommendations

  • As the database grows, further use cases are enabled without lengthy onboarding processes

Platform features include: Dashboarding, FDD &Analytics, Command & Control, Constant Cx, DCIM, EVManagment, GhG Emissions, EnergyModeling, Asset Management, KPIs & SLA Overview, Enterprise Clustering, Independent Data Layer, Reporting, Alarming, Scheduling

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Light up Your Building Intelligence

entroCIM transforms complex data into one clear picture to solve facility challenges, drive energy accountability and cost savings, and predict future operations.

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Let’s turn on the CIM.

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Join Our e-Mission to Lower Emissions

entroCIM is on a mission to lower emissions. We have a goal of helping businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

Our Central Intelligence Manager is making this a reality by monitoring and managing millions of square feet of building space around the globe. It illuminates energy efficiency opportunities across your building(s), so you can save money as you work to save the environment.

We’re fighting the climate crisis one smart building at a time. Will you join us?

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